Welcome to Epic Hearts Club!

"Every day it seems like coaches are hiking up their prices. Coaching is becoming a luxury that every-day people simply cannot afford and the truth is, the people who need it the most are the ones who are being left behind. That is a gross injustice"

Welcome to Epic Hearts Club!

Epic Hearts Club is a huge passion project of ours. It is something we've created in response to what we see happening within the coaching industry.

High-value coaching is now a luxury item for most. So many personal trainers and life coaches charge premium prices and it is not attainable for so many people. That's not right. There is something about that that deeply unsettles us.

Don't get us wrong, we have paid, and will continue to pay thousands of euro to receive coaching from different experts. We do see the value in paying premium prices, but we also see that that is not an option, or a priority, for so many. We wanted to find a way to leverage the opportunities, resources and experience we have to help as many people as possible.

Through Epic Hearts Club we aim to empower and inspire empaths to turn their natural talents and inner brilliance into personal success by helping them transform their daily habits and mindset into a confident and fulfilling lifestyle.

We do that by delivering low-cost, high-value training from multiple coaches that supply our members with the necessary tools and skills to thrive and create their epic life.

Epic Hearts Club is THE Low-Cost, High-Value Coaching Club.

Our mission is to restore "people-first back into the coaching industry and we will never compromise on our member's experience or our coaching quality.

Epic Hearts Club is an affordable, convenient way to become your best you.

From the comfort of your own home you will have access to an Inner Trauma Coach, to a Breathing and Movement Coach, to a Health and Fitness Coach, to an Inner-Leadership Coach and to a Money Mindset Coach.  

And you have access to all of this for only €25 per month!

€25 to become the best you you can be.

€25 to change the direction of your life.

€25 to have access to five leading professionals in five different fields.

We know and believe that everyone deserves access to expert advice and coaching (without the high pricetag attached!) and that is why we created Epic Hearts Club.

Epic Hearts Club is coaching for empaths by empaths.

It is THE Low-Cost, High-Value Coaching Club.

See you inside!
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Epic Hearts Club

Here is a sneak peak of inside Epic Hearts Club
See you inside!

Epic Hearts Club

THE Low-Cost, High-Value Coaching Club!

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Epic Hearts Club

Watch this short video to hear from Brónagh Lyons, Co-Founder and Chief Visionary of Epic Hearts Club!

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Meet Our Coaches

Rachel Kelly, Movement and Breathwork Coach

When I moved to London I felt trapped by my job and my surroundings. I was consumed by my thoughts and I really started to believe them. I hit my breaking point and fell apart. I no longer felt passion for anything in my life.

Something inside me started to flicker and I joined my local yoga studio. At times this studio was the only reason I got out of bed. I knew that something magical was happening inside me every time I stepped on my mat. I felt free!

I wanted to help others to feel how I felt so I became a Yoga Teacher and have been teaching movement ever since!

Martins Bergs, Health and Fitness Coach

My name is Martins Bergs. I'm a full-time Fitness Professional and Personal Trainer who has a massive passion for health and fitness. Always willing to go the extra mile to help my clients with their goals. I strongly believe in "practice what you preach".

I started "Mind&Body Fitness" out of pure passion for the industry. I firmly believe that health is wealth and how you treat your body will affect the quality of your life. I have been working in the industry for several years now and have learned a lot of valuable lessons and am continuously adding to my knowledge. 

My core purpose for Mind&Body Fitness is to enable you to have the body vitality and mindfulness that will completely transform your life.

Ciara Heneghan, Inner-Strength and Trauma Coach

My name is Ciara Heneghan and I am an Inner Power Trauma Coach. 

I help people who have been through trauma, from sexual trauma to mental health, to understand where you are right now in your life, learn who you are being, figure out where you want to go and learn exactly how to get there by harnessing your very own INNER POWER, INNER STRENGTH and finding your true happiness inside your SELF.    

I am super excited to be here and look forward to whatever comes up for you through the trainings I offer.   


Karl Davidson, Money Mindset Coach

Growing up, Karl always stressed about money. He did everything he was told. He went to school, he got a good degree, got a high-skilled job, and then thought, is this it? 

Karl worked hard to always make sure he was never short for money, the thoughts of not having it were always on his mind though, so no matter how hard he worked, he spent it just as fast. 

Then Karl came across financial education. He learned other ways to create wealth. His mindset on money changed drastically and he found his passion in educating others on different ways of living. 

Karl's motivation is not to be rich, Karl's motivation is to be free and to show others how they can also become free.

Brónagh Lyons, Inner-Leadership Coach

As an Empath, Brónagh struggled most of her life. She was a chronic people pleaser, always put herself last, had very low self esteem and confidence. She always doubted herself and never believed that she could actually acheive her vision for the world. She had big dreams and vision of how she could serve and help people all around the world and decided to dedicate her life to it. Brónagh changed her inner world, realised her brilliance, and found a way to harness her inner strength to help change lives of thousands of people and she isn't finished yet. In fact, she has only got started.

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What Our Clients Say

It was at a point in my life where I was empty inside, had no dreams nor direction and was depressed. Twelve weeks later, I have back some of what I lost. Brónagh, can't wait for the next 12 sessions. We just got started..
Christel, Namibia
Even though this girl is miles and miles away! She has pushed me to become a better version of myself. She has taught me to quit beating myself up over who I am and start embracing myself. She has taught me to step outside my comfort zone. Thank you Brónagh Lyons for sharing your time with me every Saturday morning over the past month and a half!
Rosetta, USA
Thank you, thank you so much for everything that you've shown up as and being as a coach for me. It has been a very empowering experience, thank you so much.
Lelde, Germany
After only 6 weeks of working with Brónagh Lyons I have achieved so much. These achievements (and I smile as I write this) have been both on a personal and business level and have the opportunity to create huge change within my life. The positive effects and opportunities that are happening for me now on a regular basis are beyond what I would have believed possible for me only eight short weeks ago. My self-love and self-belief are at a whole new level and it feels amazing.
Mary, Ireland
Since I was a young child I have been in and out of counselling for different reasons. I always had the experience of finger blaming, anger, anxiety when I would finish a session. It affected my relationship with people around me as I would feel anger towards them etc.

Since starting coaching with you, I have learned to accept people for who they are, and rather than being angry towards them, learn how I contribute to the conversation, how I can choose to participate or leave situations, and how I can also change my relationships with people around me to make them more positive.
Rose, Ireland
In 12 weeks never did I have a session where I was disappointed. My energy was brought up to high level, my confidence was stabilized, and I was ready to conquer anything that stood in my way...including myself. Bronagh has helped me dive deep down and find things that were buried and holding me back. And then give me the tools to overcome those limitations. Really the sky isn’t the limit with her. There are no limits.
Christina, Russia